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Along with changing your motorcycle oil learning how to clean and lube a motorcycle chain is one of the first forays into proper motorcycle maintenance for a lot of new riders In all it's a pretty simple process that should only take about 15 minutes or so but will go a 2014-11-7BMW F 650 - the Chain Gang has always been big on one drop regular ATF per link about every other gas fill up Chain and sprocket life usually from 25K to 54K miles The ATF flings the grit off and prolongs sprockets as much as the chain The center stand will need cleaning

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2015-8-25Wd works for cleaning chains and freeing up frozen links but it's not all that's needed Wd is also a very poor rust preventor I guarantee if all you put is wd on a bike chain and leave it out in the rain overnight you'll have a rusty chain in the morning Had bicycles and motorcycles all my life think I know how to care for a chain

2 This is a good product for cleaning a motorcycle chain The product we reviewed was in an 11 oz spray can which is still available for a list price of $10 49 (street price around $6 99) It also comes in a 16 oz (472 ml) bottle Other WebBikeWorld Motorcycle Chain Lube Posts

2011-2-4Checked my notes and it was actually Kerosene I used Got 30k kms out of my DR650 chain with cleaning every other day using a toothbrush Occasionally used spray chain oil where I could buy it Interesting comment on using WD40 on bike chains at the end of this article: Motorcycle Chain Lube and the Grunge Brush - webBikeWorld

2013-3-25CLEANING the chain is the key The chain is lubed internally A gunky lube does nothung positive The only thing to lube for is sprocket to chain contact A clean chain needs minimal lube and a good dry Teflon lube does just fine at that I clean with simple green then rinse with water Then lube with Dupont dry Teflon lube I clean and lube

2010-10-23WD40 for cleaning and Maxma chain wax for my street bikes I spray it on heavy and wipe off the excess with an old towel The chain wax goes on with a carrier that evaps and a parafine wax base sets up on the chain It's the only product I have found that really resists fling off

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2008-8-24– good references in my quest: webbikeworld's Motorcycle Chain Lube part one and part two two contains a significant amount of insightful reader/editor discussion calsci's how to clean your drive chain article – however it contrarily suggests ye'ol' WD-40 to clean which I would not do

Cleaning and lubing a motorcycle chain is a relatively easy process It is a lot easier if your bike has a center stand or if you have a paddock stand Either option allows the rear wheel (and your motorcycle chain) to spin freely thus allowing for more efficient application of your chain cleaner and chain lube

2018-2-4In my opinion any amount of chain lube sufficient to lube the chain to sprocket contact would be a slinging mess on a high speed application like a motorcycle I just make sure the chain is clean and I use a light coat of WD40 or similar product to protect the chain from rust and oxidation

2015-6-4I got 34k miles out of my OEM chain using Kerosine and Chain Wax Use the Kerosine when the chain is cold scub it and dry it off Go for a short ride with the chain dry come back when the chain is warm and spray Chain Wax (gold can) Won't use anything else

2014-5-10I picked up 2 cans of DuPont Teflon Chain Saver at a Walmart in the little motorcycle section They had about a dozen cans but there was a small difference between the two One can said Dry Self-Cleaning Lubricant the other said Wax-Based Chain Lube The Wax-Based Chain Lube can says O-Ring Safe No Fling Off!

Motorcycle windshield cleaning is easy if done right Clean a windscreen or remove scratches in a polycarbonate motorcycle windshield webBikeWorld visitors have responded to our recent articles on motorcycle chain maintenance (Motorcycle Chain and Sprocket Replacement and Motorcycle Chain

2011-9-27Liquid Performance Chain Lube - webBikeWorld PS:- Amongst the locally available products i somehow found the Diamond chain lube to be better than the rest in terms of lubrication and longivity Cleaning motorcycle chain sprocket By my1000cc in forum Do it Yourself! Replies: 32 Last Post: 09-01-2012 02:39 PM pulsar 220 chain By jasbir

2008-3-12I just spent over an hour removing 9 years of sludge off the chain of my 996 :P I'm looking for a chain lube that will dry clear exposing the nice silver chain in lieu of the lubes I've used in the past that build up and turn black I've mostly used chain wax in the past Any suggestions would

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2020-8-19Motorcycle Chain Cleaning Our favorite chain cleaner was WD-40 which seemed to do the best job with the least cost But we've been warned off using it because it can apparently dissolve the grease packed behind the O-rings on a motorcycle chain See the webBikeWorld article on cleaning a motorcycle chain for more info on that issue

2009-4-9once again motorcycle chains are not sealed bearings if the wd40 can make it to the grease to clean it out then the lube will make it to the 0 ring to relube it its simple logic that apparently some people cant comprehend yes if you dont relube afterwards there will be no lube on the chain hence the relube afterwards i know that every

2012-6-17Motorcycle Chain Cleaner Brush Ultra Lube Bike Wash Speed Wax by Tirox Motorcycle Maintenance Here is a test on Webbike world and a video: Tirox Motorcycle Chain Cleaner - webBikeWorld Once the can of cleaner is used up (it is Kerosene) you can use a pump spray bottle and your own kerosene and re-use the brush Enjoy!

2017-5-16i have only used teflon based chain lube for the past 6 years (since i got back into riding a motorcycle) during that time i have cleaned my chain with non-harmful to o-rings cleansers today was the first time i ran a chain thru a cotton rag that had paint thinner on it

2019-7-5Cleaning a bike chain may seem like a dirty and time-consuming job but it doesn't have to be with one of the handy options on our list If you don't already have scrubbing brushes your best bet is to buy a kit that comes with both the cleaning solution and a brush of some kind like the Finish Line Pro Shop Kit Park Tool CG-2 3 Chain Gang

2012-6-17Motorcycle Chain Cleaner Brush Ultra Lube Bike Wash Speed Wax by Tirox Motorcycle Maintenance Here is a test on Webbike world and a video: Tirox Motorcycle Chain Cleaner - webBikeWorld Once the can of cleaner is used up (it is Kerosene) you can use a pump spray bottle and your own kerosene and re-use the brush Enjoy!

2018-5-4With your motorcycle still mounted on its stand and the rear wheel elevated apply lube to the lower chain while spinning the rear wheel forward allowing the chain to climb on the sprocket Once you've managed to cover the entire length of the chain wipe off any excess lube so that it doesn't build up or attract dirt and let it sit for a